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2 Reverse Mortgage Options for Seniors in Fontana, Covina, Pomona, San Bernardino, Ontario, & Pasadena, California.



Are you moving towards your retirement or are you already retired? Then, one of the most pressing needs plaguing your mind currently would be how to secure your finances for your life after retirement. While your lifestyle remains the same and the risk of unforeseen expenses are still intact, your regular flow of income experiences a lapse. So, for all the people who are aged above 62, there is a great solution. Invest in reverse mortgages for seniors. We, at Reverse Mortgages Made EZ, by Futura Financial Inc., can offer you a wide range of brokers and lenders for FHA HECM loans in areas including Covina CA, Fontana CA, Ontario CA, Pasadena CA, Pomono CA, and San Bernardino CA. With more than 34 years of experience in this field, we have created a solid reputation for ourselves when it comes to helping you with the highest quality of financial services at the lowest rates possible. So, if you want a financially sound life after you retire, you can rely on us.

Here, we have two great options for reverse mortgages that we can provide you at Futura Financial. Take a look.

Are you thinking of paying off your mortgage? Then, a fixed rate with a substantial amount of payment is definitely one of the best choices before you. The whole sum of money will be withdrawn immediately and then, you will notice that the interest has begun.

This can give you the guarantee of a line of credit or a monthly check. If you are considering spending a little extra every week because what you have is not quite sufficient, then an adjustable rate mortgage will be more suitable for you.

So, no matter which option deems better for you, you should resort to our experts for better guidance. Call us at 626.442.1888 now to get a quote today.


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