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Reverse mortgage broker in and around the areas of Fontana, Ontario, Pasadena, Pomona and San Bernadino CA.


Are you in search of a professional reverse mortgage broker, then look no further. We at Reverse Mortgages can help. We are an authorized mortgage broker with simple and clear guidelines. Above all we have flexible and fast funding options which will help in bringing institutional quality services to an expedited method. The mortgage brokers in our company will help you all through the process. The process that they use is transparent and they offer prompt services as often clients cannot wait for long for an approval. At times we can also offer same day approvals and within the guidelines. People residing in and around Fontana, CA, Ontario CA and San Bernardino, CA can make the most of our services.

Our reverse mortgage brokers can help you with the following types of loans namely,

  • Second/third mortgage- This will work well especially for people having a fixed rate of interest which is lower compared to the prevailing rate of interest. A second or third mortgage will help to guarantee loans for debt consolidation, home improvement projects or for family members
  • No/low income- a low income loan is ideal for people who are ineligible for any other loans or is self-employed. It is based entirely on credit on income proof. Such loans are likely to have a higher rate of interest
  • Stated income- a stated income loan will help a person who is on commission, are tipped or is self employed. It requires credit and has a higher rate of interest
  • Home equity loan- our brokers can also help you with home equity loans. Typically a homeowner has the flexibility of borrowing about 80% of their equity. Here the rate of interest will be the prevailing rate of interest at the time either the money is used or borrowed. People can use this loan for paying off the other loans, use it for home improvements, pay school/college fees or consolidate debt.
  • Private mortgage financing- this is basically a contract amid the client and a lender and is ideal for people who have loan requirements which fail to fall in the framework of other loan packages. People can use this loan for financial restructuring, commercial or residential construction, income properties, property taxes or mortgage So next time you need to consult a reverse mortgage broker, you know whom to contact right? We are available 24/7 both online and over the phone.

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